Hall of Fame Class Nominations

The Athletic Department is now accepting nominations for the Bishop Canevin Hall of Fame Class

Bishop Canevin will be honoring individuals and teams that exemplified the commitment of being a Crusader while representing the great accomplishments of Bishop Canevin Athletics. The Hall of Fame will honor and recognize individuals and teams who have demonstrated athletic success during or after their enrollment at Bishop Canevin, or those individuals who have made significant contributions to the Bishop Canevin community.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame are always accepted throughout the year. Those nominations chosen each year will be notified by the committee during the summer months.

Click the links at the bottom of the page to download the nomination forms.


Nominating a Team or Individual

Any student athlete looking to be nominated in the Bishop Canevin Sports Hall of Fame must be a graduate of Bishop Canevin High School and participated in varsity athletics during their enrollment. Student athletes have a minimum of 5 years before being able to be nominated for the Hall of Fame.

Coaches are able to be nominated whether or not they attended Bishop Canevin High School. However, they must have made outstanding contributions to Bishop Canevin Athletics. Nominated coaches do not need to be a current Bishop Canevin head or assistant coach.

Contributors are similar to coaches for nominations. They do not have to be graduates of Bishop Canevin High School. However, they must have made outstanding contributions to Bishop Canevin Athletics. Their contributions may be for service, donations, longevity, and overall support of Bishop Canevin Athletics.

Teams may also be selected for their significant contributions to and for Bishop Canevin Athletics and the BC community. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee may choose to honor 1 with a maximum of 2 outstanding teams each year. Similar to individuals, teams may not be nominated until 5 years after their time at Bishop Canevin.


Nomination forms

Click the links below to download the nomination forms.


HOF-Individual Nomination


Nomination HOF Team Nomination


Contact Dale Checketts, at 412.922.7400 ext. 237 or checkettsd@bishopcanevin.org with any questions regarding the Sports Hall of Fame.